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Strategic Development Plan


This is the document of TDASU strategic development plan. Its aim is to show priorities and strategic
directions by which the university will guide during the developing process.
TDASU is a higher educational institution which aims to implement a wide variety of degree programs
at undergraduate and graduate levels, also one term educational programs. Therefore , the university is
obliged to offer its students a comfortable atmosphere, create qualified academic process , create good ways
of control and development , all of these provides high level of education , modern teaching environment
which is oriented towards the employment.
The important directions of strategic development plan:
A. Strategic Development of Quality Assurance
B. Material and technical base development
C. Human Resource Development
The frame of strategic development plan represents the union of expected results which forms the “frame”
of strategic plan . The results are represented by cause and effect and hierarchical order . The following
chapters of strategic development plan includes the detailed description and definitions of the expected
results .
Vision : To create a university environment which helps students in developing practical and creativity
skills for their future profession.
Mission :
A. To encourage intellectual progress and society development based on science .
B. To maintain the most precious findings of national educational traditions in higher education sphere
and ensure its compilation with modern international achievements, use the heritage of Georgian and
European Scientific schools and be involved in future specialists development .
C. To ensure the preparation of qualified specialists within the national qualifying frame of Georgia in
order to develop and raise awareness of socioeconomic levels by doing undergraduate and graduate
programs .
D. To create a social , institutional, ethical (moral) and intellectual basis as demanded at the European
level for raising future generations.
Aims :
A. To help forming Georgian and World Cultural values, focusing on the concept of democracy and
humanism , which is vital for civil society development and existence.
B. To satisfy the interests of raising qualification and getting proper training according to education level.
C. To realize personal potential, develop creativity skills, prepare competent professionals according to
modern education necessities, ensure competence of graduates in inner and outer labour market . To offer
high level education for students and vast majority of interested people .
D. To ensure new qualified staff and provide proper training for them to enhance education level and state
E. To encourage the mobility of students and academic staff of higher education institution.

The main tasks :
To establish a new guideline system of quality education according to modern international standards .
To establish principles of non-stop education and ensure the close link between studying process and
scientific research and collaboration with strategic partners, Georgian and foreign research and
educational institutions also with vocational and scientific associations.
To help mobility process of academic staff and students
To establish collaborative educational and scientific programs , the reliability and objectivity management
, estimate and selection of academic staff accorded to stated values of the university.
Field Activity For Achieving Its Aims

LTD Tbilisi David Aghmashenebeli Teaching University
A. It prepares students for such vocation activity , which requires the knowledge of science education and
usage methods.
B. It cares about its staff vocational development
C. It helps to develop its students social status
D. It cares about creating a comfortable environment for disabled students
E. It encourages to help sport development as well
F. It works with other Georgian higher education universities and research institutions.
G It encourages international collaboration and exchange of students and professors to foreign educational
H. It helps to develop science via studying, teaching and professional development in free , democratic
and socially fair conditions
I. It helps to create contemporary education and technology worldwide.
J. It provides accessibility and publicity of higher education , academic freedom , possibility of getting
higher education during the lifetime, the possibility of taking part in decision making process for staff and
students as well and in controlling this process, the transparency and publicity of university management
and contests, to forbid any kind of discrimination in education field for academic, social , ethnical ,
religious etc.
K. To provide a situation which helps in realizing its missions and ambitions.
Teaching university is eligible to perform any kind of activity which is not forbidden by law in spite of the
fact if this activity wasn’t predicted earlier. The activity which is only possible with special license or
permission , it is possible to use it on the moment after getting this license.

Strategic Aims
Aim I : To create comfortable atmosphere for studying and teaching
Material technical base renewal .
Aim II: it’s important to reinforce institutional possibilities . to improve budget process and regulatory
activities ; to increase human competence resources , to improve the management practice of human
resources and preparation for the authorization .
Aim III: To provide publicity of university activities via renewal of its webpage.
Aim IV: Strategic development of quality assurance by creating a new document of quality assurance and
the improvement of quality mechanisms. To fulfill inner and outer self-assessment . To do a research of
employment market.
Strategic plans, results and activities.
Mission I: To create comfortable atmosphere for studying and teaching . High level of academic education
requires the development of material technical bases which leads to achieving the goals .
1.1. Material technical base is renewed .
For getting the first result it must accomplish some tasks:
- To analyze the validity of the existed material technical base.
- To make a registration in category for educational and non-educational stock
- To define the categories of material technical base that are necessary to buy .
Analysis of material technical base and making an estimate.
- Make an estimate and acquisition
- To renew existed material technical base.
- To make an acquisition of new electrical programs
- To renew the library and make an analysis
- To enrich with new books and materials
- To ensure to be involved in international library network
- To buy new a new electrical library programs
- To create an online system of activities

The communication strategy includes:
Selection of means of public information; Define communication topics and prepare materials; Training
of employees with citizens. B) The website has been created and updated in the current mode of
launching .The web site is an important step towards transparency.
Objective IV: Strategic Development of Quality Assurance In order to have a qualified environment for
qualified learning, the quality assurance mechanisms are necessary to ensure continuous control and
evaluation of the level of learning, to provide information on the quality of teaching and to establish
permanent and continuous process for University development.
4.1: Designed for quality assurance strategic development program
The Strategic Development Program is a mechanism for creating a permanent process of quality
development on the one hand and on the other hand a systemic document on the plans and timelines
to be implemented. Quality Assurance Strategic Development Program is the main level of the
University's level of quality improvement, depending on the level of teaching, learning and knowledge to
increase employability;
4.2: Internal self-assessment includes academic personnel, students, administration and self-assessment
of the Teaching University as well as internal Self-esteem includes a self-assessment report; The
Teaching University provides for an external assessment to invite the expert team, NGOs and
organizational self-esteem For the purpose of determining compliance with the established standards
and developing recommendations;
The external evaluation includes the authorization and accreditation process and the self-evaluation of
the Education Quality Development Center;
4.3: Implementation of Employment Market Survey Based on the proper planning of educational
programs and the employment market requirements, the university provides employment market
research and research results in all stages of assisting and implementing educational programs in
organizational development.
2018-2024 action plan
1. Strategic Objective: Creating a Comfortable Environment for Learning and Teaching

Activities Dates Responsible structure Indicators and the
means of verification


1.1.1. Analyze the state
of the material -
technical base
Establishment of Cost
Every year Financial and Material
Resources Service; -
Protection and Security
Written analysis
1.1.2. update Existing
material -
technical base
Every year Financial and Material
Resources Service; -
Protection and Security
Written analysis
1.1.3 purchase and
introduce Different
Of electronic
2018-2024 Financial and Material
Resources Service; -
Protection and Security
Written analysis
1.1.4. Analysis and
updating of the library,
enhance bookstore
Ongoing process
- Library;
- Quality Assurance
- Financial and Material
Resources Service. -
- Library;
- Quality Assurance
- Financial and Material
Resources Service.
The book fund is
1.1.5. Ensuring
engagement in the
international library
Every year
- involvement in the
international library
Every year - Library;
- Financial and Material
Resources Service; -
- involvement in the
international library


1.1.6. Buy and
implement the library's
electronic program
- Library;
- Financial and Material
Resources Service.
2018 - Library;
- Financial and Material
Resources Service.
- acquired and
introduced the library's
electronic program;
1.1.7. Electronic case
2018-19 - Case Management
- Financial and Material
Resources Service
Electronic resources
service operates
1.1.8. Budget project
Every year
- Teaching University
other departments and
Every year Rector
Financial and Material
Resources Service -
Teaching University
other departments and
Budget has been
1.2.1. Planning the
material - technical
base and its Financial
2018 Rector
Financial and Material
Resources Service;
- Protection and
Security Service.
Written analysis
1.2.2. Developing
material - technical
2018 Rector
Financial and Material
Resources Service;
- Protection and
Security Service
Written analysis


1.2.3. The material -
technical base has
been increased and the
University has
Completed renovation
of the study building of
2018-2024 Rector
Financial and Material
Resources Service;
- Protection and
Security Service.
- New study building
with students' hostel;
Institutional Capacity
2.1.1 Refine structures
of internal regulation
and instruction.
Depending on the
- Personnel responsible
for realization of legal
- The number of
changes in the relevant
number of legal acts
2.1.2structural units -
Preparation of
responsible stuff about
basic product terms
Annual Responsible personnel
for timing and
About persons
Legal acts received
2.2.1. Electronic Case
2018-19 Case management operates
2.3.1. Developed
General Rules for
university management
2018 Responsible stuff for
case management and
legal provisions
Has been developed
entire rules of case
2.3.2. New descriptions
of employees' work are
2018-19 Responsible stuff for
case management and
legal provisions
- The legal act has been
2.4.1. The staff's
competence raising
plan has been
2018-19 Case management
staff training plan


2.4.2. Resources have
been retrieved for the
implementation of the
retraining plan
2018-19 Rector - Approved budget and
/ or document
confirming agreement
with different
2.4.3. Retraining
process is underway;
2018-19 Case management
Retraining reports
2.4.4. Assessment of
competences created
as a result of staff
2018-20 Case management
- Competence
assessment report of
2.4.5. Promotion of
exchange program for
students and lecturers.
Definition of exchange
programs strategy,
establishment of
2018-23 - Quality Assurance
- Program Manager;
- academic staff.
Written analysis
3.1.2 Continuous
administration of the
web site
Current activity - Development of
technologies service
Increased number of
website visitors
3.2.1 Creating an
Information Booklet
Every year Services Development
and Communication
Information booklet


3.2.2 Community
communication plan
2018-19 Services Development
and Communication
The communication
service has been
3.2.3 Community
Connection Program
2019-20 Financial and material
resources service
Communication service
Public communication
plan budget
3.2.4. Implementation
of communication
strategy with the
community; Creating
an appropriate
environment for
2019-20 Services Development
and Communication
Increase Entrants
awareness level -
Output: 4.1: Quality
Assurance Strategic
Guarantee Program is
Output: 4.2: Internal
and external self
1. Filling a Self
Assessment Report
yearly Quality assurance
- The self assessment
report is filled
2. Organizational self
assessment by external
evaluation mechanisms
- selection, staffing,
2018-2020 - Quality Assurance
Organizational self
evaluation is carried
out by an external
assessment mechanism


3. Preparing for
educational programs
with accreditation
Self-evaluation of
programs and
submission of
2018-19 Quality Assurance
- academic personnel;
- Program managers.
The institution is ready
to apply for an
Presentation of the
Accreditation of new
educational programs
Outcome: 4.3:
Implementation of
Employment Market
1. Partner for
employment market
Quality assurance
Partners are guided
2. Determination of
research strategy
2018-19 Quality assurance
The research strategy is
3. Creation of groups
for research and
organizing research
Quality assurance
The group is created
and researched
4. Deepening
relationships with
graduate students of
the university
constantly Quality assurance