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Library of Tbilisi David Aghmashenebeli Teaching University

 Library of the David Aghmashenebeli Teaching University of Tbilisi is an independent structural unit subject to rector of university.

The Library of Tbilisi David Aghmashenebeli Teaching University has a wide variety of literature in every direction of the university programs as technical, educational, scientific, and supporting literature in Georgian, English, Russian and German languages.

The booklet preserves old editions of books that are rarely copies of today.

The stockpile of the library is enriched annually and now it covers up to 19,000 manuals and is also supplied by magazines and newspapers.


There is a reading hall in the library that can benefit both students and professors.

 The library has become a tradition of literary public discussion and seminars that students and professors are interested in. Filling the library's bookstore with electronic versions (video, audit) is based on modern requirements.

The aim of the library is to promote the theoretical knowledge of students. At the place of the student and other personnel to get an exhaustive answer on all the issues necessary for him.

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